Channel Surfing... from Twinkies to Exorcisms

Through the Crew Company, I was hired as Field Producer for a variety of broadcast shows this year: New Wave Entertainment for the History Channel’s “Lindbergh Flies Again;” Kaos Entertainment for the Travel Channel’s “Secret’s of RV’s;” and, Michael Hoff Productions for the Travel Channel’s “World’s Best: Top 10 Fun Food Factories" (Twinkie & Tootsie Pop Segments). These segments took us from secret factory processes to interviewing key people to shooting fun–and tasty–footage. Marc Gerke, J7 Pictures, provided camera and sound.

And, through GRB Entertainment for the Learning Channel’s “Mysterious Worlds,” I was Field Producer for an episode on Protestant Exorcisms with Augie Augenstein, camera and Steve Robbins, sound.

History Channel
"Lindbergh Flies Again"
Travel Channel
"World's Best: Top 10 Fun Food Factories"

A&E Channel's "BIOGRAPHY" Segment Aired Nationally in October 2000

Through the Crew Company, I was hired as a Field Producer for CBS News Productions/NY to work on an episode of A&E's "Biography" about actor Jerry Orbach (Law & Order, Dirty Dancing, Broadway Shows, etc.). I was responsible for interviewing his childhood friend and shooting B/Roll footage in Waukegan, IL showing areas where he grew up (i.e., school, house, classrooms, hang outs, etc.). DP/Camera was Paul Incaprio and Sound/Grip was Dave Thomas, both from Big Shoulders.