National Radio Spots Produced For Buena Vista Television's "DANNY!" TV Show

Production for the launch of Danny Bonoduce’s TV show in September, combined with a hectic schedule during the November TV Sweeps (ratings period), included the writing and producing of approximately 55 separate :30 spots plus customized tag versions for more than ten markets. The spots aired in more than 25 markets nationwide.

The only thing sadder than "DANNY!" becoming one of the many cancelled daytime talk shows (besides, of course, the financial ramifications) is that, despite the challenging deadlines and lack of sleep, I’ll truly miss working with the people who made it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. The creative team included Buena Vista’s Peter Martin, VP/Creative Services, and Richard Trenz, TV Promo Producer; Voice-Over Talents Bill Price (Sept.) and Jeff Lupetin (Nov.); Editel’s Jim Olen, Brian Reed and Mike Connelly (Sept.); and CRC’s, Jo Sturm, Sean Sutton and Tim Butler -- who edits faster than lightning! (Sept. & Nov.).


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