Whether you are an ad agency, television station, corporation or a direct client with an independent project, I can help you most in the following areas:

• Producer
• Line Producer
• Production Manager
• Production Consultant
• Project Coordinator
• Post Production Supervisor
• Associate Producer or
Assistant to the Producer (Feature Films)

These are the types of tasks that I specialize in:

• Creative Direction & Consultation
My diverse background in marketing, promotion and broadcast allows me to help
you think outside the box to get the biggest bang from your production dollar. This is
particularly helpful for smaller companies who may not be able to afford an ad
agency or who may have limited budgets. Since larger companies may not require
this service, you can rest assured I will make sure the Creative Director has final say
for all creative decisions.

• Negotiation
I will always do my best to ensure you get the best quality for the budget you can
afford whether for vendors, equipment, crew, production or post production services.
All deals are thoroughly documented to eliminate any questions or uncertainties.

• Scheduling
A recommended production schedule is always presented to ensure deadlines are met
and it is clear who in the production and/or creative team is responsible to complete
the required task.

• Project Coordination
Absolutely no detail falls through the cracks to ensure a smooth-running, on-schedule,
on-budget and enjoyable production. This could include anything from casting and
talent selection to working with business or media managers to location or prop
selection to broadcast traffic distribution.

• Crew Management
Establishing a team environment with clear direction allows everyone to provide the
best service they were brought on to accomplish within the project's budget
parameters and objectives.

• Post Production Supervision
My strong background in post production will be an asset to your project ensuring
that all post needs are met during the pre-production phase eliminating any overages.
Whether overseeing music selection, voice-over direction, animation/graphics/special
effects supervision, color correction, creative editorial, foreign language translation,
dubs or distribution, your creative and budgetary needs will be foremost.

Regardless of the task at hand or the service I'm hired to do, my job is to make you look good to your client and I will do my best to exceed your expectations!