Perhaps you are a small to mid size agency without a broadcast production department or have mainly focused on print production and now have a client who would like to integrate television, radio or multimedia into their campaign.

Perhaps you are a corporation with a small audio/visual department or none at all.

Or, maybe you are a retail client who cannot afford the retainer of an ad agency but would like to produce a television or radio campaign that is a higher level quality than your competitors are running?

Feldmann's Flicks Ltd. was created to help you achieve your goal at a cost effective price. As your producer, I will consult with you to determine how best to tackle your project and then will assemble an experienced creative and production team based on your specific project's objectives and budget.

From creative strategy and direction to setting up your company's internal processes to accommodate the project to production and through distribution, I will work with you and your company with the goal of exceeding your expectations.