Just did it! Creating An Internationally Distributed Program...
In Less than Two Weeks

Former employer, Video Publishing House, Inc. -- producer and distributor of such high-end motivational and corporate training programs as the Tom Peters and Ken Blanchard series -- asked me to return as Producer of Post Production for their program entitled, "Just Change It! Creating a Government That Works" with Ted Gaebler, Co-author of the internationally best-selling book, Reinventing Government: How The Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Transforming The Public Sector.

The show explains how our governmental system was designed not to work and Gaebler encourages citizens and motivates the 19 million governmental employees to be proactive in changing government from the inside out.

The challenge was to take a 40-minute program with Gaebler speaking before a live audience (previously shot in Chicago with 5 isolated cameras) and visualize, research, and produce all internal graphics, stock footage and a one-minute composited open -- all within a 10-day deadline so it could be released at the ASTD trade show.

With a team effort (and 10 sleepless nights!) including freelance editor, Joe Rabig (formerly of Post Pro), IPA The Editing House, and the VPHI staff, the result was a 41-minute entertaining and informative program which will be distributed (at a cost of $695/purchase or $200/weekly rental) internationally to governments, corporations, government vendors, and educational institutions with talk of eventually airing on PBS.