"HOT" PROJECT (Literally!)

Lightfall Productions' Producer, Dave Golder, commissioned Feldmann's Flicks to work with him as Associate Producer on a series of Quality programs for a steel company. The catch? To pre-pro 8-ten minute programs in less than two-weeks, shoot with two crews simultaneously (and safely) for one week and one crew for two weeks, "paper" off-line 12-hours of footage in 3 1/2 days, and have 8-finished programs within 7 on-line days! (While standing next to a 2,000 degree hot steel slab, dressed in hard hat, safety goggles, mill greens and steel-toed shoes, I realized that this job isn't always as "glamorous" as others perceive it to be - an experience I won't soon forget!)

Hot steel being formed & cut.
Crew shooting inside a furnace under repair.
Shirley at picturesque
USS Gary Works.