Agency Bidding for Branding Films in Various Formats

As Freelance Producer for agency Publicis & Hal Riney, I was asked to bid a series of branding films for client Del Webb and their national retirement communities which would follow the creative of their new ad campaign. The biggest challenge was providing a series of estimates for a 4-8 minute film based on a cost comparison of shooting on Film, HDTV and BetaSP for 5-10 communities which were all unique providing different amenities in each city.

Since the deadline was immediate due to weather constraints in many cities and the client's individual objectives and budgets were in the process of being analyzed, I decided to create a customized Bid/Spec sheet that could be used for each city and was based on a 5-day shooting week shot documentary-style assuming a standard of 10-15 amenities and included a half day of helicopter footage. Standardizing the bidding process in this way allowed us to move forward allowing each community to add or subtract onto the base shooting price depending upon each community's needs.

Unfortunately, the project was postponed due to budgetary constraints and the client's desire to do more research.