No "SLIM" feat... Or is that stomach?

After last year's success of the "Slim Thigh" TV spot, I was upped to Line Producer on the recent "Slim & Trim," abdominal toning cream, national TV campaign. Shot on 16mm film with Wassel & Company, the :25 national/:05 local tag spot takes a comedic approach -- with 3 men in an elevator who suck in their "healthy stomachs" to impress a pretty woman -- combined with product beauty shots and animation. My role as Line Producer included:

• Negotiated deals and controlled costs for production & post production (End Result... Savings to client was over $5,000!);
• Selected production facilities & staff which met budgetary and creative objectives;
• Collaborated on talent selection, production design and art direction;
• Creative input on all off-line and on-line edit decisions.

Director/DP was John Wassel; Film was processed at Filmworkers Club; Transfer, Animation & Post Production was finished at Swell Pictures; VO Talent was Richard Milne (of WXRT); Original Music produced by Rich Manners of Hothouse Music; Audio Mixed by Terry Schilling at Streeterville Studios.


No "SLIM" feat

Recently, I Associate Produced a television commercial for "Slim Thigh," a thigh cream designed to fight cellulite. It was designed as a :25 spot with a :05 tag for national customization. Shot on 16mm film with Steve Robbins Productions, the spot includes "real people" testimonials and beauty shots of the product. My role as Associate Producer included:

•Negotiated deals and oversaw budgets for production & post production
(End Result... Savings to client was more than $6,000!);
• Coordinated all talent selection and testimonial interviews;
• Collaborated on off-line and on-line edit decisions;
• Overall detail hawk-eye.

Director of Photography was Steve Robbins; Transfer, Audio & Video Time Compression was finished at Swell Pictures; On-line edit was posted at Renaissance Video; Original Music was produced by Wiebe Chicago.