NEC Shoot In Two States Prepped in Less Than A Week

As Line Producer/Production Manager for Viva Lundin! Productions, I prepped a two-state shoot negotiating and finalizing crew and talent logistics for client NEC. The base crew shooting in the Detroit and Atlanta areas were: Carey Lundin, Writer/Director of Viva Lundin! Productions; DP/Cameraman was Dave Seman of Folding Pictures; Sound was John Mathie; and, Principal Talent was Ben Hollis.

NEC SEAT SENTRY for viewing at trade show kiosk.
Top Row: Carey Lundin, Writer/Producer/Director; Eric Adelstein, Consultant; Ben Hollis, Actor; John Mathie, Sound/Grip; Bottom Row: Dave Seman, DP/Camera; Shirley Feldmann, Line Producer/Production Manager.