Client List - Updated February 2005

ABC Network/"Good Morning America"
Field Producer • "McCarthy"
(Live segment)
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Orwell Productions/CBS
Field Producer • "Big Brother" TV show (Various field segments & interviews)
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Morningstar Entertainment
Field Producer • Discovery Health Channel's "Chicago's Lifeline"
(Various segments & interviews)
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Crew Company/TV Show Segments
Field Producer • CBS News Productions for A&E’s "Biography-Jerry Orbach" • New Wave Productions for History Channel’s "Lindbergh Flies Again" • Kaos Entertainment for Travel Channel’s "Secrets of RV’s" • Michael Hoff Productions for Travel Channel’s "Top 10 Fun Food Factories"
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GRB Entertainment
Field Producer • The Learning Channel’s "Mysterious Worlds-Protestant Exorcisms"
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Merging Pictures/Maturity Broadcast Network
Field Producer • VNR for AARP & AMA
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Folding Pictures
Field Producer • "Real TV" (Interview & field segment)
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Weller/Grossman Productions
Field Producer • Discovery Channel's "Interior Motives" (Various segments)
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Northwest Teleproductions
Producer • VNR for NARAS and The Grammy’s including an interview w/pop star Richard Marx

Intersport Television
Stage Manager/Floor Director • Sportschannel

"Street Smarts"
Production Coordinator • PBS/Video Publishing House
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Cosmo Space of America
Chicago Coordinator • Japanese TV
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