Feldmann's First Film

Through a labor of love, a film was born... and in only 2 1/2 months!! "The Signing," commissioned by independent filmmaker Greg Ness, is a 21 minute heart-warming, dramatic piece about an elderly farmer faced with the pressures of loosing his farm, his memory, and his purpose. The film was shot on 16mm and posted on 1" videotape with original music composition and sound design.

Joseph Ryan as Grandpa and Marjie Rynearson as Grandma in The Signing award-winning short film.
To compliment a budget of approximately $35,000, I negotiated over $50,000 worth of discounted and/or donated services and equipment. In addition, my role as Producer & Production Manager included:

• prepped job in two weeks
• negotiated all crew, equipment, film processing and post production contracts


• managed a cast and crew of 20
• finished shooting 3 days ahead of schedule in 7 days with 85% exterior shooting
(during the unpredictable July "flood" period!) with an average 9-11 hour
shooting day
• oversaw all aspects of production including dailies

Post Production:

• selected off-line paper edit decision list for Director's approval
• Avid off-line and 1" on-line producer

• collaborated on and oversaw all original music and sound design production

• coordinating marketing, publicity and film festival entries


"Friends help film 'Sign' on;" Reprint from; Screen Magazine; Oct. 11, 1995; Award & Reference letter.