I am very grateful for this client which has kept me consistently busy from January 2001 to January 2003 and has offered me some valuable broadcast television experience working internally within Promotions, News and Sales/Marketing.
Beginning in 2001, through the Promotions Dept. and transitioning into the Sales & Marketing Dept., I wrote, produced and directed over 30 x :30 television spots for a wide variety of advertising clients utilizing the talented crew and facilities of CBS 2 / WBBM-TV.
Continuing in 2002, I wrote, produced and directed over 50 x :30 television spots for a variety of retail clients including a regional campaign for American Mattress shot on high definition television (HDTV). A huge thanks to Phil Wolf, Jim Sullivan, Brian Golinvaux, the many Account Execs, Crew and Graphic Artists for all of their input, creativity and support in developing spots which, in most instances, have resulted in significant sales increases for our clients and renewed/increased business for CBS 2!
"When I gave Shirley a project, I knew I did not have to worry about a thing. Her thoroughness, proactive planning and creative strategies benefited both the client and CBS 2 Chicago by producing commercials which created results. Clients not only spoke highly of her, but our account executives were happy with the increased media schedules and long-term relationships that she helped to develop." - - Phil Wolf, Sales Production Manager; CBS 2 Chicago/WBBM-TV
Charitable Organizations
Health Care / Medical
Salvation Army / 1 x :30
Northwestern University / 2 x :30
Resurrection Health Care / 1 x :30
Loyola University / 3 x :30
Lake Shore Plastic Surgery / 2 x :30
Retail / 1 x :30
Marcello's / 1 x :30
2003 American Mattress / 8 x :30 Branding & 18 x :30 Promotional spots shot on HDTV
DuPage Convention
& Visitor's Bureau / 1 x :30
2002 American Mattress / 21 x :30 2001 / 4 x :30 Donut; 15 x :30 Custom
Calico Corners / 1 x :30