Client List - Updated February 2005

Producer/Line Producer • True Credit, Cancer
Treatment Centers of America, Hooked on
Phonics (National DRTV; HDTV)
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American Mattress/CBS 2 Chicago
Creative Director/Writer/Producer/Director •
Annual Branding & Promotional Campaign
(26-spot package;HDTV)
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Buena Vista Television/Disney
Writer/Producer • "DANNY!" TV Show (National Radio Promos)
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Rapp Collins Worldwide
Producer • Ameritech (DRTV), Wall Street Journal (Radio), UPS (DRTV revisions)
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Ammirati Puris Lintas-Chicago
Producer • Ameritech (TV, DRTV & Radio) and Yellow Pages (Radio)
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Levitz Furniture Corporation
Producer & Creative Direction • John M. Smyth’s Homemakers (TV & Radio)
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CBS 2 Chicago / WBBM-TV
Writer/Producer/Director • TV Commercials for advertisers including: Northwestern University, American Mattress, Pesche's Flowers Inc., DuPage Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Resurrection Health Care, Marcello’s Restaurant, Loyola University, Lake Shore Plastic Surgery, Salvation Army, Value City Department Stores, Calico Corners, etc. (TV)
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Writer/Producer • TV Promos for the 4:30 and
10:00 p.m. News & Cross Promotions (TV).
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Italia Advertising/Sports Partners
Producer • Racing Champions/NASCAR (TV)
Producer/Broadcast Standards • EAS (TV)
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Folding Pictures
Production Manager • Britney Spears Sony PS2 (TV) Read more here:

Publicis & Hal Riney
Producer • Office Max (Radio)

A. Eicoff & Company
Producer • GTE (DRTV revisions)

& Wojdyla
Producer • PSAs (Bids & pre-pro)

Responsive Marketing Communication
Producer • Cranston Fabric/WWF (TV Bids & Pre-Pro)

Harpo Productions
Writer/Producer • "Oprah Winfrey Show" (National Radio Promos)
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Carole Darr & Associates
Line Producer • "Slim & Trim"; "Slim Thigh" (TV)
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Producer/Line Producer • Black Flag (DRTV)
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Northern Trust Bank
Producer (Radio)
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Freudenberg Household Products
Producer • Vileda Mop (DRTV)
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Herbert Stanley Company
Writer/Producer • Weiman Furniture Care Products (Radio)
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JWT Specialized Communications
Producer • Schneider Trucks (Radio)

Creative Concepts Advertising
Writer/Producer • Jack Phelan Chevrolet/Geo, Connie’s Pizza, Grand Slam, etc. (TV & Radio)
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